Mobile Ad Spend Growth Up 103% Globally

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Mobile Ad Spending Growth Up 103% Globally

2 Minute Read | April 21st, 2016

Eric Arline

Eric Arline
Content Marketing Lead

With insights drawn from over 300 billion global impressions on Smaato’s platform, we can confidently share that mobile ad spending picked up steam in Q2 2016. Smaato’s Global Trends in Mobile Advertising report analyzes the substantial gains for both mobile web and in-app ad inventory with overall ad spend up 103% from Q2 2015 to Q2 2016.

With strong eCPM gains in larger markets such as the US (+170%) and China (+334%), it was interesting to note that Norway (+784%) emerged as the Q2 leader in eCPM growth!

Driving this growth are several factors that, when combined successfully, maximize publisher eCPM and establish a sweet spot we refer to as the “Perfect Ad Space”. In this report, we took a look at some key eCPM drivers a publisher may consider: app categoryoperating system/environment and geolocation.

The Q2 2016 quarterly report goes on to explore six global trends across the mobile landscape:

1)  Mobile Ad Spending Growth Accelerates in Q2 2016

Mobile ad spending continued to post impressive gains, growing +103% globally. The Americas showed the highest growth rate of +130%, substantially ahead of APAC and EMEA .

2) Smaller Categories Outrank Ad Revenue Leaders for Highest eCPMs

While Music, Society (includes Dating apps) and Hobbies & Interests are the biggest global ad spending categories, Home & Garden, Style & Fashion and Science (includes Weather apps) command the highest eCPMs. Still smaller categories Technology & Computing, Automotive and Travel are seeing the highest eCPM growth.

3)  In-App and Android Reign (But Don’t Count Mobile Web Out Just Yet)

Android’s in-app eCPM growth rate (+257% in Q2 2016 vs. Q2 2015) is more than 5 times that of iOS over the same period. However, advertisers still see high value in mobile web inventory, with eCPM growth rates (+124%) exceeding those of in-app iOS on both iPhones and iPads.

4)  Mobile Leaders Face Increasing Pressure from Smaller Countries

Not only is Norway’s eCPM really high, it is the Q2 leader in eCPM growth (+764%) worldwide. Mega-markets, the US (+170%) and China (+334%), posted healthy eCPM growth as well.

5)  Spotlight on Scandinavia: A Small But Mighty Mobile Ad Spending Powerhouse

Long-recognized as a regional powerhouse in mobile gaming, Scandinavian countries are posting large mobile ad spending gains year-over-year: Sweden (+393%), Norway (+316%), Finland (+196%) and Denmark (+155%).

6)  Mobile Scores as World Celebrates Summer of Soccer

Sporting events have a notable impact on advertiser activity and this summer’s soccer tournaments were no exception. Mobile ad spending increased +26% on the Smaato platform during the Copa America in Q2 2016, and +20.55% during the Euro 2016.

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