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5 Tips for Optimizing Your In-App Ad Campaign

3 Minute Read | May 29th, 2019

Courtney Reich

Courtney Reich
Content Marketing Manager

In-app video ad formats are the top choice when it comes to user engagement and acquisition rates. As shown in the In-App Engagement and Conversion Report, a joint collaboration between Smaato and Liftoff, video ads provide a great return on investment for advertisers looking to drive clicks and conversions. In fact, in-app video ads on the Smaato platform have an average CTR that is 7.5X higher than display ads. This does not mean, however, that display ads — and even banners — should be counted out quite yet. These simple ad formats are still effective for brands looking to maximize reach.

In this blog post, we outline some of the best practices for advertisers to optimize their in-app advertising campaigns.

Provide a Seamless Click Experience

When a user clicks on an ad, they expect to land on a page that reflects the promise made by the call-to-action. Choose a mobile-optimized landing page that mirrors the style and content of the ad. Any promotions or special offers should be clearly featured on your landing page.

For app advertisers, remember that every extra step along the path to conversion is another step closer to funnel abandonment. Pull out all the stops to route your users where they want to go with as few clicks as possible.

Diversify Your Campaign Across Multiple Ad Formats

>As shown in this report, each ad format — from banners to rewarded video — have unique advantages that brands and advertisers can leverage to drive results. While some campaigns may have smaller budgets or more specific goals that only require the use of a single ad format, larger branding campaigns will always benefit from diversifying their creatives and utilizing a range of display and video ad formats.

Ad formats in in-app advertising

Optimize Your Creatives for the In-App Environment

When running a display campaign, it can be tempting to simply reuse display ads from your desktop campaigns for your in-app campaigns. But to drive ad engagement in-app, it is important to take the unique screen size and in-app environment into consideration.

For video ads, it is important to ensure that your ad makes sense without sound, as the majority of mobile video ads are viewed with the sound off. The most successful in-app video ads also engage users within the first three to four seconds by showing the app or product in use and telling an easy-to-follow story.

Leverage Data for Granular Targeting

With the rich data associated with device IDs, advertisers can focus directly on their most relevant customers when advertising in-app. This includes targeting users by location, language, demographics, and more. Location targeting is especially valuable and unique to the in-app environment. GPS data can be as accurate as 10 to 100 meters, and geofencing allows advertisers to target a highly specific geographic area, such as a city neighborhood.

Download the In-App Engagement and Conversion Report

The In-App Engagement and Conversion Report provides data-driven insights into the current in-app advertising landscape by drawing from Smaato’s and Liftoff’s internal data from Q1 2019. Smaato’s data includes over three trillion ad requests from more than 90,000 mobile apps. Liftoff’s data is pulled from over 80 billion ad impressions across 33 million installs and 14 million first-time events. Buyers can use the data and insights in this report to optimize their mobile ad campaigns by pinpointing the specific ad formats and in-app environments that will allow them to maximize engagement rates and drive conversions.

Download the report now for more data and insights into the clicks, costs, and conversions of today’s top in-app ad formats.

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