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Precision Targeting in SDX With Pre-Packaged Deals

2 分钟阅读 | August 21st, 2018

Nabil Chouaieb
Director of Product Management

We are making it easier than ever to ensure that our partners’ mobile advertising campaigns are reaching their desired audiences at the right time with a new precision targeting feature: Pre-Packaged Deals.

Last year, Smaato released Open Deals, which are curated whitelists of apps that enable demand partners to purchase verified end-user inventory deals, saving time and effort in searching and selecting the most accurate targeting options. Now, after a successful testing phase, we are very happy to introduce Pre-Packaged Deals, the newest targeting feature within the Smaato Demand Platform (SDX). These professionally-curated, brand-safe inventory packages, now available in SDX, make precision targeting easy — just browse, select, click, and go!

How to Use Pre-Packaged Deals

The Pre-Packaged Deals feature bundles special packages of curated inventory and displays them directly in SDX. Selecting Pre-Packaged Deals in SDX is simple: just log in to SDX, go to the newly incorporated “Marketplace” tab, and there you will find the sections “Inventory Discovery” and “Pre-Packaged Deals.” Find the Pre-Packaged Deal that fits your campaign goals and then you can easily select and target with just one click.

Smaato demand partners can also add targeting criteria to any Pre-Packaged Deal by clicking on “inventory targeting” on the line item creation page. After creating Open Deals line items, you will then be provided with a Deal ID that represents the signal you will receive in the bid request.

Last but not least, the SDX API allows you to integrate Pre-Packaged Deals in your internal as well as external tools. This empowers your own team and your clients to spend their budgets even more efficiently. Check out our SDX API documentation for more details.

Categories of Pre-Packaged Deals Include:

Weather Apps News Apps
Sport Apps Music Apps
Premium Germany & AGOF Chic French Apps
Women’s Health Apps Fitness Apps

Key Feature Highlights

Pre-Packaged Deals are a convenient yet powerful new way to easily browse inventory packages, customize them based on your own unique needs (e.g. specific geo’s or ad formats), and then target them with just one click. To top it off, our Smaato team will regularly update the deal categories in order to stay up-to-date with the most accurate and in-demand inventory.

To start browsing and selecting all of your Pre-Packaged Deals, log in into SDX now. If you have any questions about how to begin using Pre-Packaged Deals, please reach out to your account manager.


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