PicsArt’s Profile

PicsArt is a leading, all-in-one image and video editing app with thousands of powerful editing features. Unlike other photo editing apps, they have a passionate creative community who collaborate on producing amazing images, collages, and drawings. PicsArt’s 100 million monthly users span the globe, and it is available in over 30 languages.

PicsArt’s Goal

With PicsArt’s growing popularity, the company needed an exchange that would be able to drive yield and performance by introducing their inventory to additional demand worldwide. Since their app is dedicated to offering a seamless and collaborative user experience, PicsArt also sought a monetization partner that prioritizes ad quality and has a proven track record of protecting apps and their users against bad ads.

Smaato is a key partner for our global app monetization strategy. They have opened our inventory up to premium demand worldwide, allowing us to tap into additional revenue streams from markets such as Japan. Most of all, we value Smaato’s personalized approach to customer service. Since the beginning of our partnership, we have been collaborating closely with the Smaato team which has led to amazing results.

Howard Lam | Senior Mobile Advertising Manager, PicsArt

Smaato’s Strategy

The partnership between Smaato and PicsArt kicked off in February 2018 with Smaato’s effortless Ad Tag integration. With that setup, Smaato’s in-house experts worked closely with the publisher to come up with an optimization strategy that worked well for their global millennial audience. By identifying a valuable opportunity in APAC, specifically Japan, PicsArt ramped up quickly with Smaato, seeing over 100% revenue growth month over month. Smaato expanded on this opportunity by creating deals with premium demand through the private marketplace (PMP).

After demonstrating consistent numbers over the first months into the partnership with the Ad Tag implementation, PicsArt was eager to leverage the advantages of the Smaato SDK. By integrating Smaato’s SDK, PicsArt was able to open up more opportunities, such as support for innovative ad formats and IAS (Integral Ad Science) viewability measurement — adding value to their inventory for demand partners.


+30% Increase in Average Monthly Revenue

+30% Increase in Fill Rate

+27% eCPM Lift

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