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High Ad Quality Standards

Through a combination of the latest technology and our in-house Ad Quality team, we protect your users by delivering safe ads from reputable sources.

Brand Safety

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User Protection

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Expert Technology

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Trusted group of premium advertising partners

As a publisher, monetizing your app and improving user engagement are among your primary concerns. At Smaato, we care about helping you drive app revenue while protecting your users from harmful ad experiences.

We have extensive mobile ad tech experience and leverage the latest industry developments. Technology is just one piece of the puzzle, as our dedicated Ad Quality team takes a hand-on approach to eliminate any quality issues.

We offer safe app monetization so that you can focus on what matters — building a great mobile user experience without worrying about exposing your users to disruptive, inappropriate ads.

Smaato's High Ad Quality Standards
Smaato's Automated Detection Methods

Automated Detection Methods

We developed a robust, proprietary system that scans creatives served across the Smaato exchange in all regions. By using complex algorithms and machine learning, we are able to eliminate digital risks to your users. Once our technology detects bad ads or any kind of malware, an automatic block takes place. This helps to keep our exchange clean, healthy, and trustworthy.

Hands-On Investigations

Our automated detection system is strengthened by our dedicated Ad Quality team. With decades of experience and extensive historical data, our experts can discover harmful ads that may not have been automatically blocked. Much like the machine learning used by our automated systems, our Ad Quality team continually adapts to address evolving ad threats.

Hands-On Investigations at Smaato
Providing Consultations at Smaato

Providing Consultations

We pride ourselves on our personal approach. With 450+ demand partners worldwide, we value our partnerships and strive to have clean advertisements across our entire platform. Therefore, we help demand partners make significant and lasting improvements to their ad quality performance by consulting, proactively educating, and offering full transparency on their ad delivery. This helps to make the entire marketplace safe for everyone.

Enhanced Security With the SDK

The Smaato SDK for Android and iOS offers publishers another important level of protection. The Smaato SDK acts as an automatic blocking tool for potentially harmful pop-ups and auto-redirects. Find out more about implementing our lightweight and easy-to-use SDK.

Enhanced Security With the Smaato SDK

Tech Partners

We work with industry-leading partners to ensure that our ad quality standards remain high and threats to your app’s users are blocked on the Smaato exchange.

The Media Trust

Completing the Safe Marketplace Circle

We take no chances in protecting you from fraudulent ads. Now learn about how we approach market quality from the publisher’s perspective on our Traffic Quality resources page. Please contact us if you have any questions about Smaato’s market quality initiatives.