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High-Quality Traffic Standards

Smaato is committed to providing demand partners with high-quality, verified traffic. With transparency and thorough monitoring, we help make your campaigns a success.

Fraud Free

Proactively eliminating fraudulent traffic


Verifying your ads are effectively displayed

Brand Safe

Ensuring your ads appear alongside appropriate content


Complete transparency into the traffic you buy

At Smaato, we ensure that advertisers can access high-quality traffic for all of their mobile ad campaigns through our extensive network of 90,000+ apps. Over the past decade, we have gained a unique perspective on the connection between top quality supply and optimal traffic.

Even with premium supply, it is important to be vigilant about fighting marketplace fraud. Smaato’s global Traffic Quality team is dedicated to monitoring our exchange around the clock. Our team of experts leverages a robust set of tools to ensure that your ad campaigns deliver genuine results. In essence, we focus on making traffic on our exchange fraud free, viewable, brand safe, and transparent.

Smaato's High-Quality Traffic Standards
Smaato's Multi-Level Check

Multi-Level Check

We don’t cut corners when it comes to traffic quality. Ensuring high traffic quality is an evolving process that must always be sustained. From the manual approval process for new publishers to recurring traffic reviews using the latest technology, our multi-level check is designed to deliver transparent, verifiable traffic at all times.

Quality Inventory Matters

Advertisers transact with premium supply partners in our marketplace with full confidence that their campaigns will reach authentic target audiences. Our standards for onboarding publishers leave no stone unturned and have been purposely designed to offer an exceptionally clean marketplace with premium publishers and only top quality inventory.

High-Quality Traffic at Smaato

High-Quality Traffic

Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated and Smaato has risen to the challenge. We seek to facilitate an open discussion around what we as an industry can do to confront fraud, while implementing effective measures to ensure high-quality traffic. Smaato’s approach to traffic quality combines the latest technology with human expertise to protect ad campaigns.

Through our extensive traffic quality measures, advertisers are protected from invalid traffic and the various forms of fraud: bot traffic, app spoofing, click fraud, ad stacking, malware, and more.

Human Expertise

Smaato deploys powerful in-house technology and trusted third-party vendors to protect demand partners, but one of the most effective tools is our dedicated Traffic Quality team. Our experts provide around-the-clock coverage from offices around the world to stamp out invalid traffic. When a bad player is identified, our Traffic Quality team moves quickly to protect advertisers.

Human Expertise at Smaato

Tech Partners

We work with industry-leading partners to ensure high traffic quality and that your campaigns are transparent and fraud-free.

Integral Ad Science

TAG Certified Against Fraud

We take the fight against fraud seriously. That’s why we were the first in-app exchange to receive the Certified Against Fraud seal from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). Receiving this certification means we are committed to eliminating fraud by following strict guidelines. Some of the requirements for receiving the certification include IP blacklisting, complying with the Media Rating Council’s invalid traffic detection and filtration requirements, and implementing payment ID systems.

Tag Certified

Completing the Safe Marketplace Circle

We take no chances in protecting you from fraudulent ads and low-quality traffic — learn more about how we approach market quality from the publisher’s perspective on our ad quality resources page. Please contact us if you have any questions about Smaato’s market quality initiative.